Exhibit at Blackbird Bakery

Last night I took down the exhibit at Blackbird Bakery. It was so gratifying to be able to see people look at my work and talk about it and actually like it. All those times I felt completely discouraged and wondered why I was still trying so hard when it felt like I was getting nowhere. This is my personal work that came out of that period when people asked, "so what do you do all day at home? Aren't you bored? Why don't you get a job?" No, I wasn't bored; I worked all the time, and I was working toward a career. While it felt fruitless most of the time (all the time, really) I kept painting. From this exhibit I sold a few painting, got a few commissions, and got a ton of exposure. It felt like a huge success and I'm so grateful to Blackbird Bakery, especially Heidi for being so generous and supportive.