Sumner Rhubarb Festival

A Good Book Cafe asked if I wanted to join some authors in a booth at the Rhubarb Festival. They had me at rhubarb–I love it. So last Saturday, Mike and I drove down to Sumner and had a lovely time meeting local authors and getting to know the staff at A good Book Cafe. There was a former police officer who wrote about his time on the force in Sumner, a fifteen year old who was already published, some wonderful cookbooks by Rachel Vdolek. After my time slot was over I really wanted to go get a rhubarb margarita, but I had to rush to Bellevue to drop off the painting. So now I have to go back next year and celebrate with all the delicious rhubarb goodies. Maybe in the meantime I'll try to make a margarita on my own. Wheee!