Bellevue Friends of the Library

This is an illustration I did in 2011 for a promotional mailer with some other students at SCAD. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Bellevue Friends of the Library and asked to donate something for their silent auction and fundraiser in December. I really wanted to help since I love libraries and use them ALL the time. (I also have a lot of fines because I take out too many books at a time and try to read them in the two weeks before the next person on the waitlist gets them.) Anyway, I have a gallery coming up and didn't want to give away any of my new work since that's going in the gallery. So I looked through some old illustrations and found this one, which I like a lot, but I thought it could look better. After adding some shadows in the house, (it was a really well lit house for being underground) texture to the tree, fixing up the face, and adding more grass, I thought it looked quite a bit better. Hopefully it will raise some money for the Seattle libraries, and I can feel a little less guilty about avoiding  my late fees.