Creative Quarterly 39

A few days ago I found out that I'm a runner up in Creative Quarterly 39's Illustration Professional Show. The issue will come out in the summer, and I'll be on their website. This is the piece that will be included. Happy day :)

May/June issue of Applied Arts

Today I received two shiny gold award certificates from Applied Arts Magazine! My illustrations are in the Young Blood category, in the May/June issue of the magazine.

Franciscan Media

My illustration in Franciscan Media's St. Anthony Messenger magazine. It was great to get to work with Franciscan Media. Jeanne was so kind and gave me a lot of freedom on this piece. 

"Moving On" February, 2014  Watercolor on paper

"Moving On" February, 2014

Watercolor on paper


My April postcards came in the mail today. I feel happy with them, so I hope they get me a few jobs!

"Subject of the Crown"  Watercolor on paper

"Subject of the Crown"

Watercolor on paper

Applied Arts Magazine

This is my new website! So far I really like using Squarespace and recommend it to my Illustration friends.*

I'm happy to mention in my first blog entry on my new site that I recently found out I am a winner in the 2014 Applied Arts Illustration competition! My teabag illustration began as a sketch of the teabags I save for a second use. When I saw them all hanging there in my kitchen it reminded me of a story my Mom told me. When she was little her church's congregation would save their "gently used" teabags, dry them and send them to missionaries in third world countries. Weird? Yes, but I like weird. So that's the story behind the title "Tea for the Missionaries". If you like, you can buy a greeting card of the teabags so you can always remember this heartwarming story. 

The second illustration that was a winner in the Applied Arts competition was "She Saw Her Own Reflection". I'm twenty-six (well I will be in April) and this is kind of how I feel when I see my reflection in store windows. I know, I know, I'm insecure. But there you have it. She does, however, have  a pretty spectacular outfit. Those glasses...

"Tea for the Missionaries"

"Tea for the Missionaries"

"She Saw Her Own Reflection"

"She Saw Her Own Reflection"

*This is not a sponsored blog post. But if someone wanted to pay me to blog about his or her product I would probably accept.